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Traveling in Germany





Helllo, I'm Jayme, proudly representing Carlisle, PA and surrounding areas. 

My journey into the world of travel began in my early years, shaped by the belief instilled by my parents that exploring the world is an invaluable way to learn and create cherished memories. This childhood passion has grown into a lifelong love for discovering new places and cultures.
Now, as a mother of three, I've made it my mission to share the wonders of travel with my own children, creating adventures that will stay with them forever.
In 2019, I turned this passion into a fulfilling career as a travel agent. Joining Airplanes and Adventures Travel in 2023 has been a thrilling chapter, allowing me to assist local families in transforming their travel dreams into reality. Whether it's checking off bucket-list destinations, orchestrating unforgettable family reunion cruises, or curating much-needed adult getaways to the Caribbean, Mexico, and beyond, I find joy in helping others create lasting memories.
I wholeheartedly believe in the power of adventures to fill the soul, and through my role, I aim to inspire others to explore the world, one incredible vacation at a time.

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