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Traveling in Germany





Good Day Travelers, My name is Christina and I’m a wife and mother who has decided to embark on a new career that will allow me an opportunity to share my passion and knowledge of travel with others. So if you are here reading this I appreciate your time and consideration. I served 10 years in the United States Army where my love for exploration and travel was ignited. It started with small trips packed in hotel rooms with peers splitting the cost just to ensure we had the chance to see a new city. Fast forward to creating a beautiful family with my husband and we quickly realized the importance of leaving our children with memories more than stuff. Being a young couple we quickly understood in order to achieve those dreams of showing our children the world it would take discipline and a great deal of planning. This is where I was able to hone my skills and knowledge of travel. I quickly began sharing my knowledge with family and friends. I want to be that vessel for others and show travel enthusiasts that it’s possible! You don’t have to be rich but instead you need to be discipline, plan and let me guide you and show you the possibilities. The process can be scary and overwhelming just know I’m here to help easy those fears that the unknown can bring. And as for being overwhelmed, let me carry that burden while you envision yourself with that umbrella drink as the is sun kissing your skin. I look forward to helping you make your dreams a reality!

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