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Traveling in Germany





Hello - My name is Greta, and I am from Ebensburg, PA. By day, I am a Full Time Special Education teacher. In early 2023, I took advantage of an opportunity to do what I have always dreamed of and joined the team at Airplanes and Adventures Travel.  I have been in love with traveling since my first trip to The Riviera Maya, in 2003. That trip set the bar for all other vacations where I could experience my love for white sand, alluring blue waters, and all of the amazing views of the sea.

My husband and our 3 children love to travel. Cruising and All-Inclusive Resort Destinations are at the top of our favorites list. If there is a beautiful beach with powdery sand, our happiness is fulfilled, and our vacation memories can be made.

My goal is to help my clients find their favorite destinations so that they can make their own family memories to last a lifetime. I am here offer my expertise and guide you through choosing a vacation destination that best suits the needs of your family. Helping my clients navigate their journey from start to finish is such a rewarding experience and I look forward to working with you.

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